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  Studying composition through writing songs is a fun, valuable experience for any musician seeking to better understand how music inspires them in the first place.  Musicians who develop an understanding of the basic principles of composition and harmony become stronger players, create better solos and become better bandmates in the future.

I work with all my students to help them tap into their artistic potential and find their creative spark. Writing songs is a powerful vehicle for developing ones instrument skills as well as expressing your individual view of the world. To have an impassioned voice and a sound method in which to creatively express that voice is empowering at any age.

Once a month it's my privilege to host a songwriters circle that is open to all my students and their family & friends.
The Supertonic Songwriters Circle ( SSC ) offers local songwriters an opportunity to perform and interact with other artists. Every SSC event is free, open to the public and family friendly.

  • Each SSC event includes some wonderful "seasoned"  songwriters as well as talented "up an coming" Jr. songwriters.
  • The SSC is part performance, part workshop. It offers a friendly, warm environment for all artists to be creative and gain the support of their community.
  • Songs will be performed, the art will be discussed, some collaborative jamming may ensue. Anyone interested in taking part in an upcoming SSC event please feel free to visit the SSC Facebook Group for upcoming events.


              Email or Phone:  914-320-6855

                                                           Photos of past Songwriter Circles
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