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  Setting up a home studio has become easier than ever. With a few initial lessons and some guidance with choosing the correct gear for your space, you can have your own project studio up and running within a very reasonable budget. Being able to record your inspirations when they hit you in the privacy of your own home is a powerful skill. More than ever, this is truly accessible to creative people of all ages and on all budgets.
I can help get you set up and provide professional instruction on all recording formats.

Project studios are great for the recording hobbyist as well as the budding professional for creating demos, creating pro quality audio for videos, creating your own practice tracks for musical development on all instruments etc. It can be incredibly empowering to bring your creative ideas to life on the fly when the inspiration is fresh and on fire. You can create entire projects at home from start to finish with professional results.

Working with Pro Tools at home can also enable you to lay down the basic tracks for an album/project and than easily bring those tracks to a professional studio for cleaning up, mixing, mastering etc. In this era, the possibilities for setting up a home studio are boundless. You only need a little spare space, and a modest investment to get something going.

  • Record and publish your own songs/album
  • Learn how to use computer software such as Pro Tools to record, multi-track and mix at home.
  • Explore digital and analog recording techniques
  • High School students add a recording project to your college application.
  • Studio recording is an art that brings your creativity to the world

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